The Hairpod

Micro Weave Online Training Course

Kit Option:

Method you will learn

Micro weave 
  • Full in depth video tutorial that you can pause rewind and stop at your own pace.
  • Tutorial on how to fit extensions correctly.
  • Tutorials on how to remove extensions correctly and safely.
  • Cutting tutorial.
  • Styling tutorial.
  • Kit or no kit options.
  • Full theory work sent over via email. 
  • Live assessment with your tutor to ensure your working like a pro and whilst on the call take this time to ask anything your stuck with.
  • When completed you will be issued with a fully accredited ABT certificate.
  • Full on going support during and after the course
  • Free entry into our online Facebook mentor group 

Add a kit 

For an additional fee, you can include a kit which contains:
Dolls head & clamp 
Full head wefted hair 
Tail comb 
Sectioning clips 
Silver clips
Cotton brown/cream/black
Kit bag 
Micro rings black/blonde
Looper tool 
Pilar kit 


With kit  - £150 
Without kit -  £99 

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